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Info & Tools

Get access to proprietary micro-content, including mini email and video courses, cheat sheets, formulas, frameworks, and more.

Perfect for: Teams that are looking to make slight cultural enhancements but may not need radical redesigns.

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Short online courses that provide introductory culture coaching based on Culture Spark and basic course materials.

Perfect for: Teams that are looking for a self-serve solution to start their culture change story.

Price: $149 / course

Full Course

Ideal Outcomes’ premium online course offerings, complete with hours of educational materials to help you upskill your teams.

Perfect for: Teams that want an advanced self-serve solution that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Price: $399 / course
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Virtual Consultations

Our foundational consultative solution. Spend 30 minutes with our team of experts to help identify next steps to improve your culture.

Perfect for: Organizations of all sizes that want personal, prescriptive cultural education, delivered in a digital format.


Cultural Engagements

Available in-person or virtually, these performance training sessions include deep tactical work over a span of several months.

Perfect for: Mid-cap companies and other larger businesses that are looking to make fundamental cultural changes.

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Mastermind Offsites

Ideal Outcomes’ premium culture offering. Get a custom, multi-day, hands-on training program from the top minds in culture change.These packages also include unlimited client services as you implement your culture change initiative. Perfect for: Large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies looking for deep cultural evolutions.

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